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Flood, Fire and Storm Restoration

Our first step at a fire scene is to calm customer’s fears and address their concerns. The second is to pre-test to see what type of damage has taken place.

Pre-testing helps to…

Determine what is restorable and what must be replaced

Determine the most effective cleaning and restoration process

Determine pre-existing conditions

Determine the extent of the loss

Reduce overall cost of the restoration

Eliminate needless replacement

Pre-testing also allows us to focus on saving your items, and that is what really matters.


Smoke Odor Removal


Where there is fire, there is smoke. Where there is smoke, there is odor. Sometimes the worst part of a fire in the home or business is the terrible odor that remains.

Our smoke odor neutralizers are second to none available today. State-of-the-art chemicals are applied to rid your home of the offensive odor.

Reconstruction will be necessary when the structure has been too badly burned to live in.

Our supervised professional moving crew has the knowledge and experience to pack and move entire contents from any size home.